About Us
Infrastructure that paves way for a better future

CER Infrastructure’s purpose is to sustainably deliver infrastructure projects. We aim to be a leading provider of infrastructure services, construction and property developments. Our team of specialists is committed to delivering for communities and leaving lasting legacies through our work.

Having the capability to undertake infrastructure management services for new and developed projects in both public and private sphere, we accentuate on creating organized efforts, assuring the best value for our clients and delivering the finest results.

While a project’s technical details will vary, the client’s needs remain the same; completion on time and within budget, and performance to specification after commissioning.

CER excels in the management of the whole life cycle (design, construction, commissioning, operating, maintaining, repairing, modifying, replacing and decommissioning and disposal of infrastructure assets.

Our procedures and systems facilitate the coordination and control of all phases of development for small to large projects.

Our Team
Peter Asimus
Christos Athanasiou
Head of Operations
Gordana Gorgievska
Head of Finance
Luke Starecki
General Manager
Meena Keswani
Head of Compliance
Venessa Ward
Head of Staff