Delivery Models
Infrastructure and project delivery models

We have a committed and reliable team of in-house experts, experienced in construction management and construction administration services. Our project managers work round the clock support to provide hassle-free experiences to the customers. Here are a few things we can help you with


Our team can draw and design from best-in-class energy infrastructure components, we can tailor a solution to maximize efficiency or to manage development costs.

Delivery Partner

We can partner with local contractors to complete a project or recruit internationally renowned experts to oversee construction, retrofitting or installation. We have a strong line of communications with our subcontractors

Managing Contractor

Manage the contract in any stage as in any stage or customized combination of:

  • Oversee proper start-up and commissioning of the installed systems.
  • CER can manage contract Design and construction quality control.
  • Prioritizing workplace safety and ensure all subcontractors comply with our safety plans.
  • Maintaining project schedules including any corrective actions if there are unforeseen changes

Service Delivery

Take control of the new facility or let CER run it and manage the project delivery. Operate and Maintain: We can train existing staff to run on-site systems, take on all O&M responsibilities or recruit new personnel to operate and maintain energy infrastructure.

Front End Services

Feasibility Studies
Concept Planning
Financial Evaluation
Design Management

We expect to integrate sustainability aspects into all our operations as the assets continue to grow rapidly. Our sustainability framework focuses on two key components; environmental sustainability and social sustainability, and this approach aims to safeguard three vital features

• A resilient environment
• A resilient community
• Resilient profits

We are committed to attracting, retaining and progressing talent within CER, with a diverse and resilient team that reflects the communities we serve.

Project Delivery Stages

  • Contract administration
  • Procurement
  • Industrial relations
  • Construction management
  • Control of cost budgets
  • Time schedules
  • Quality assurance